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Buenos Aires, January 31 st 2012

Dear Customer,

Please be advised that effective February 1st 2012, all the imports to Argentina must perform a pre-loading declaration of goods called DJAI ( Declaracion Jurada Anticipada de Importacion ).

The DJAI is information required by Argentine customs to the importers. Some of the information requested is

you can review it at the government web page,

- Importer ID.
- FOB value and currency.
- Type of commodity and volume.
- Origin of the goods.
- Place of loading.
- Others...

The government will have some time to answer the request (up to 10 calendars days) and allow it, deny it, or request more information.

If the shipment doesn´t have the authorization (DJAI ) prior to arrival to Argentina, the government can either allow the shipment or reject it. If the second scenario happens, the shipper and consignee are fully responsible for any and all extra expenses incurred.

Please note it is the responsibility of the Shipper and Consignee to present all the information on time and fulfill the DJAI regulations


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